The vision

How do you capture the heartbeat of a city within the comfort of a neighborhood? That’s the vision for Downtown Columbia—a vision that’s working to provide countless opportunities for individuals, families and businesses. Building on Columbia’s values of balance, growth and respect, the new downtown is evolving–and exciting!

The realization

In Columbia’s new downtown, you can live, play, learn and work. Call it “citysmart.” Everywhere you look there’s something new—and right beside it is the next thing to come. This burst of energy is centered in a community whose schools are second to none and whose quality of life ranks among the highest in the country. Everything is here—and it’s changing every day.

The Partnership

The Downtown Columbia Partnership strives to present an urban district that embodies Columbia’s downtown vision and embraces the future. It promotes the community and its businesses, implements beautification projects, supports transportation initiatives and brings people together. The Downtown Columbia Partnership looks out for the best interests of the community as a whole, as well as the people who make it special.