Next Up: Science, Engineering and Technology.

Science, Engineering and Technology or SET will soon have its own, highly specialized building on the campus of Howard Community College. Ground was recently broken on the four story, 145,300 square foot project expected to open to students in 2017. The project, a $77 million dollar venture, is being funded by both the county and the state.

What’s in store for future trend SET-ters? Flexible classrooms and lab space featuring “preparation spaces, computer labs, a cybersecurity lab, and space for demonstrations.” Students will be able to make use of an engineering build room; digital Fab/3D printing room and other project rooms. There will be an outdoor classroom, a greenhouse, rooftop observation area, and even a drop zone for testing physics experiments. The project will add 1,000 classroom seats to the HCC campus, allowing the college to serve a greater number of students.

The building will be the home of the following programs:

  • astronomy, biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, horticulture, meteorology, and physics;
  • bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, computer-aided design, construction management, electronics technology;
  • general engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering;
  • computer support technology, Cisco Networking Academy, computer forensics, network security;
  • pre-allied health, pre-dentistry, pre-medicine, pre-optometry, pre-pharmacy, pre-veterinary.